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Crazy spring weather

March 18, 2013

This is what my garden looked like a week or so ago. Submerged under water. And it’s stayed pretty sodden since. Nice, huh? That’s what you get in a garden of clay. Yes, it’s fertile, yes I suppose it might be better than thin, sandy soil (is it? IS IT??), but GOODNESS it’s heavy, and sticky, and really badly drained.

Wet spring garden

Apart from that anomalous Monday and Tuesday two weeks ago when it was almost hot on my patio (two days out in the garden, lunch in the warm sunshine – bliss!) the weather has felt endlessly wet and miserable and I’m well and truly ready for spring to, well, spring. We’ve even had snow. Snow for heaven’s sake. In MARCH.

Last week I was gardening at Chelsea Physic and the weather was particularly nutty. The morning was gloriously sunny, then it started snowing lightly (whilst it was sunny!) and by mid-afternoon we were getting sudden, heavy snow showers. Large, fat snowflakes poured suddenly from the sky. It was terribly pretty, if a little confusing.

CPG March 13 02

A sunny morning. The grapefruit that grows outside the backdoor of the mess room. It does rather well in its cosy spot just here.

CPG March 13 01

My view at lunchtime – big old olive tree, cold frames and pit house (the olive tree is thought to be the largest outdoor fruiting olive in Britain!)

CPG March 13 03

Sun streaming through one of the glasshouses

CPG March 13 04

Snow shadows. Sudden, heavy snow showers fell in the afternoon. So pretty. Hard to capture on camera.

CPG March 13 05

The sun returns. Late afternoon.

But the equinox – it is a-coming. Longer days. Hurrah! Can we please have more sun too? Thanks.

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  1. March 19, 2013 8:08 am

    awesome post

  2. fabrice permalink
    March 19, 2013 10:10 pm

    Snow shadows ! i like your Photo! spring time coming soon!!!

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