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Wouldn’t be without: my pocket pruners

October 10, 2011

With the pruning and cutting-back season upon us I thought I’d write a quick post on the pruners I’m using. When I was a hort student we discovered early on that Felcos seemed to be the secateurs of choice for pros. If you wanted to be a serious gardener, that was the brand to buy. So I duly picked up my reduced-rate pair from the student union shop. They saw me through college, went through some serious use and abuse at Windsor and beyond in my other gardening jobs. And then I stupidly went and lost them at the Putney dump a couple of years ago.

I was gutted and annoyed. Mostly at the inconvenience and the expense of having to buy a replacement pair – at almost £40 they don’t come cheap.

In the interim I started to rely on my Burgon & Ball pocket pruners (pictured), which I had bought whilst working at Chelsea Physic to, erm, keep handy in my pocket.

I know they may not seem particularly serious but don’t be deceived by its looks. It may be compact, light and come in pretty pastels (don’t worry, it’s available in racing green as well as pink and pale blue) but these bypass secateurs are well made, surprisingly strong, slices through woody material like a knife through butter and can get through the stem thicknesses you would expect before needing to get the loppers or pruning saw out. It fits my small hands perfectly and yes, slips easily into a pocket.

I found that I didn’t really miss my Felcos at all and never did get round to replacing them. I’m not sure I could say the same about these if they were to be misplaced and at £13.95* a pair I think they are amazing value. I have seriously put mine through its paces and it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

*Although I picked my pair up for considerably less than this and a cursory glance on Google shows that you can find them for less if you shop around.

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