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Rose garden at Hever Castle

October 10, 2011

As a general rule I could not be less fussed about rose gardens. I don’t have anything against roses, I just don’t like a monoculture of them. It does nothing for me ­– it harks back to a dated way of gardening that doesn’t seem relevant anymore, they frequently seem beset with problems, are high in maintenance and resources and I often find them hugely disappointing. Having said all that, I really enjoyed the walled rose garden at Hever Castle when I was there in mid-September. It was warm, sunny and still, the sweet aroma of the blooms accosted you as you entered, it was looking rather magnificent, abundant and healthy. It was difficult not to be charmed.

The two roses that I particularly loved were Rosa Rhapsody in Blue (‘Frantasia’) – a tall floribunda with gorgeous purple blooms that fade to blue-purple and is beautifully perfumed; and R. Super Trouper (‘Fryleyeca’) – a mid-height, eye-poppingly bright orange floribunda (I seem to be really drawn to orange at the moment for some reason!).

Rosa Rhapsody in Blue ('Frantasia')

Rosa Super Trouper ('Fryleyeca')

Walled rose garden at Hever Castle

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  1. October 10, 2011 7:22 pm

    That photo (or maybe all of them) kind of says everything that you seem not to like about rose gardens.

    Have to conclude that you were either drunk or in love?


    • October 10, 2011 7:50 pm

      Hi Anne! I know – what WAS I thinking?! In my moment of madness I really did enjoy it though. Perhaps the sun had gone to my head. Or the perfume had befuddled my senses. Or perhaps this is the start of a beautiful relationship with rose gardens(!). I’m inclined to blame ‘Super Trouper’ – I was blinded by the bright orange and couldn’t think straight after that – so yes, it must have been love.

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