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Orb web garden spider

September 21, 2011

I went to go out my back door today and almost collided into this spider (Orb web spider or Metellina segmentata, I think) spinning its web. So I went back inside to grab my camera to see if I could take some shots of it before I had to disturb it (unfortunately, not being a contortionist, I had to ruin its handiwork to get out the door and into the garden). It was ruddy windy so it was challenging getting a decent shot with it pinging about wildly in front of me. My first proper bit of macro wildlife action – not perfect but it’s a start.

N.B. – arachnophobes look away now!

Web complete. Ready and waiting in the centre.

Not good focus I know, but this is it hanging in mid-air onto what was left of its beautiful web after I unanchored it

Retreating to safety - back to the hanging basket. I think that's its web rolled up in its mouth?

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