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Courgette flowers

June 7, 2011

The other day I was daydreaming about our holiday to Vietnam last year. Mostly I was daydreaming about the food. We ate out the other night and I was a little bit excited to see that they had courgette flowers on the menu (Artichoke, courgette flowers, aioli to be specific), as you don’t see it all that often. It was so disappointing. They had been battered – not a major problem but not my favourite way to have something cooked – and were overly salty (I won’t even start on the artichoke and the aioli). You couldn’t appreciate the delicate nature, flavour and texture of the flower at all. Nothing like this delicious, delicious dish we had cooked for us on the Mekong in Vietnam. It was simply stir fried and just perfect.

Stir fried courgette flowers

Not all the food we ate in Vietnam was stand-out great but the dishes that were were memorable. Another absolute favourite of mine was this squid and pomelo salad – Oh. My. Word. I am salivating at the thought of it. The Vietnamese have a knack with salads. They taste out of this world.

Pomelo and squid salad

Most of the best food we ate happened to be on boat trips. The Mekong in particular was fascinating, varied and very foody. We shared this beautiful boat on the Mekong with just one other guest from Brazil.

Cruising on the Mekong

Morning visit to the floating market

Beautifully presented fresh fruit

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